Chapter 1: Simplifying the Split Dinner Bill

someone trying to pay the dinner bill with a card as a woman watches

Laura’s and Betty’s families go out for pizza on every first Friday of the month. This time, Laura decides it is time to share the LOCELLI® secret with Betty. While her husband, Roger, is trying to get the kids ready to go, she orders the coke pitcher and pizza for her family and sends an invitation to Betty. Since they agreed on splitting the bill, she selects “split bill” rather than “I treat.”

Betty gets an email with a link to download the LOCELLI® app. She sees that Laura has ordered and adds to the order. Now she finally understands Laura’s secret to always being so timely and organized. When the families arrive at the restaurant, they get seated right away and scan the LOCELLI® sign at their table. In just minutes, the dinner arrives. Later, the kids want ice cream and, since Betty now knows about LOCELLI®, she passes around her phone and has the kids order their favorite flavors.

Chapter 2: Enjoying Every Minute of Your Schedule

group cheers with beer while eating at pizza restaurant

By now, the server would have brought the check and they usually would start the discussion of who’s paying what. Someone might even whip out a calculator to split up the bill. But not this time. The bill has already been paid and split between the two moms.

“This is great, Betty thinks, “I won’t be late to the tiki bar next month. I might even treat the girls to that new LOCELLI®-enabled Mexican restaurant I just discovered on the app.” While leaving the restaurant she notices that the party next to them just got their entrée, even though they ordered before she’d even been seated. She thinks to herself, ”No wonder this restaurant has a 5% discount when you use the LOCELLI® app. They can move customers in and out more quickly, bringing them more business.”


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