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Versatile Features to Make You More Efficient

An Ordering Experience Fit for the Modern Era


In the digital era, it’s easy to take on more responsibilities – so much so that we can lose sight of the little things that make us happy. That’s why we invented LOCELLI®. LOCELLI® is a comprehensive, multi-purpose online ordering system designed just for busy locals. It’s a digital ordering experience to keep up your fast-paced, digital life.

No, it’s not just for delivery. It’s not even just for restaurants. Trust us. We thought of everything!


Select a Local Business

Explore a wide variety of local businesses. No, not just restaurants. LOCELLI® works with most goods and services, such as bars, mechanics, hair salons and flower shops. Select your favorite or browse the list of LOCELLI®-enabled businesses to discover something new. A convenient map view allows you to assess which ones are closest to your house.


Customize Your Order

Once you have selected a business, browse the food or service menu, which is always organized by popular categories, such as appetizers, entrees and desserts. Feel free to make substitutions or add special toppings. LOCELLI® allows you to customize your order just as if you were speaking to a live cashier. One triple shot hazelnut latte with extra foam and soy milk coming right up!


Order Delivery, For Here or To Go

Many mobile ordering apps out there either only offer delivery or only offer dine-in ordering options. With LOCELLI®, you can order delivery, "for here" or to go. "For here" orders actually allow you to scan your app at a designated LOCELLI® table. Once checked in, you will be served at your table within a couple minutes of arriving. No more lines. No more flagging down servers.


Add a Tip & Split the Bill

Once you have selected everything that you want to order, you may check out and review your bill. You will also be able to add a tip and split the bill. You can even share your order with someone else to add on to it from their own phone. You'll never have to worry about forgetting whether or not your friend is still a vegetarian again.

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