Chapter 1: Wrangling the Kids to Place an Order

Restaurant Line

Every Tuesday, Betty picks up her daughter and her four friends from volleyball practice. She takes the girls to their favorite restaurant, BestBurger. Every time they arrive at the restaurant, it is already packed with all the other parents taking their kids out for dinner.

The girls always get caught up chatting and goofing off. By the time they finally get up to the point of sale, they haven’t even looked at the menu. They take another five minutes to decide and, by the time they’ve all placed their orders, all of the best tables are gone! The girls start complaining, and Betty becomes overwhelmed.

Chapter 2: Planning Ahead and Saving Time

mom driving and smiling back at girls in car as they order with locelli

The next day, it’s Laura’s turn to pick up the girls. They all pile into the car and, before they leave, Laura hands her iPhone over to her daughter Debby. Debby loads the LOCELLI® App, chooses BestBurger from the list of restaurants and selects her usual order from the menu. She hands the phone over to the other girls, and each one of them places their order. Once everyone has ordered, Debby pays for the order using her mom’s Apple Wallet.

They arrive at BestBurger and all have a good laugh about how long the line is. They head straight to their favorite table and sit down. As the girls begin to chat and goof off, Laura sits back and scans her LOCELLI® app to the sign posted at the table. LOCELLI® tells her it will be 3 more minutes before the food arrives.


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