Chapter 1: Flagging Down the Busy Bartender

bartender taking an order at a crowded bar

Betty, Laura and the other volleyball moms meet once a month at the local tiki bar. Like always, it is crowded and Betty just can’t seem to get the attention of Peter, their regular server. It almost seems he likes he is ignoring her. “Well I guess I should have given him better a tip last time,” she thinks.

She was already running late to the bar because she took too long ordering dinner for the kids at Best Burger, and now she is stuck ordering the first round of drinks. But that was their agreement: The last one in buys the first round. She wonders how Laura always manages to be the first in the bar even when it’s her turn to take the volleyball team out to dinner. She always seems to be so prompt and put together.

Chapter 2: Becoming the Tiki Bar Hero

girls cheers at tiki bar with cocktails with bartender in the background

Laura is the first one to arrive at the tiki bar, since she saved so much time ordering dinner through the LOCELLI® app earlier. She watches Betty struggle to get the server’s attention, but she also notices that the bar has LOCELLI® signs posted. She checks her LOCELLI® app and, to her delight, the bar has finally started offering online ordering. Using the app, she orders each of the ladies’ favorite craft cocktail. She checks in at the closest LOCELLI® checkpoint located on the wall right behind her.

Meanwhile, Betty still hasn’t been able to place an order and yet, to her surprise, Peter arrives at their table with all their drinks. They all try to figure out how Peter knew where to bring the right drinks, and Laura just smiles and cheers to the girls, “This one’s on me.”


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